Made in Canada. Tastes like Mexico.

About Lita’s

We are a small family business in Vancouver, BC., owned and operated by us, Argelio and Jackie.  We met in Vancouver back in 2006 while Argelio was working and travelling in Canada for the first time. This is us with our 2 girls.

But, we cannot tell our story until we tell the story about our abuelas (grandmothers) in Mexico.

These amazing women - mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers -  are the real deal!  If not for their recipes and passion for food, we would not exist.  Some of their recipes have been passed down amongst the women for 3 generations - the secret chili paste we use in our beans and potatoes is one of them!

We love them and we thank them for sharing their gifts with us.

Abuela Carola

This is Abuelita Carola, and she loved sweets! She made some amazing sweet tortillas that you could devour just plain!  Look for our version of these sweet tortillas at special events!

Abuelita Maria, Bisabuelita Elvira, and Lita Margarita

Abuelita Maria continued the tradition of some very special cookies called Cuernitos! Look for these around Christmas time from us:)

Bisabuelita Elvira carried on the tradition of the secret chilli paste and gave the recipe to Lita Margarita, who then taught us!

Lita Margarita and Tia Susy

Lita Margarita and Tia Susy are busy at work making the Cuernitos cookies!  These special galletas are filled with dates and nuts and are absolutely delicious!

So what made us start making Mexican food? It basically began with wanting to eat tortillas that actually tasted good ... like the ones you get in Mexico!  Argelio is from the northern part of Mexico, and a delicious, soft, and flaky flour tortilla is a daily food staple there.

And so, Lita's began with a family tortilla dough recipe and determination to create an authentic flour tortilla that tasted like the ones in Mexico, with the holistic nutrition piece from Jackie - no rancid oils, preservatives, or artificial anything allowed!   Jackie grew up on a farm in New Brunswick and learned a lot about baking from her grandma.  She also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition in BC. -  so simple, local, and holistic values shine through in the food created for you!

Encouragement from friends and family fueled us to turn our tortillas into a small business, with a goal to provide real Mexican flour tortillas to everyone who enjoys them, without needing to actually go to Mexico. We also make a delicious cooked salsa, a pico de gallo salsa, and mexican spiced beans and potatoes.  All of our products are 100% Vegan with locally sourced produce and ingredients.

You can find us at Vancouver Farmers Markets all throughout the year selling our tortillas, salsas, and fillings.  You can also find our tortillas at retail stores. http://www.litasmexicanfoods.com/retail-stores/

Our Commitment:

We have a strong commitment to make superior quality and deliciously authentic Mexican food. We will not compromise on quality; only making products that we would feed our own family.   We are proud to make food that is - all natural, no preservatives, no GMOs, no trans fats, no cholesterol, no yeast, and 100% Vegan. Our salsas and fillings are made with organic or no spray produce and beans, while supporting B.C. local farmers when crops allow.

We also have a commitment to produce as little waste as possible.  We use compostable containers, as well as plastic that is reusable and also recyclable in B.C. blue bins (PP #5).  Our tortilla bags are recyclable at recycling depots.

Lita's products are made in Canada, but taste like Mexico!