Made in Canada. Tastes like Mexico.


  1. How do I cook the tortillas?  We understand that this style of tortilla is new to B.C. and Canada, so we have made some very clear instructions on the Cooking Instructions page.  If you still have a question about cooking them, please send us an email and we will happily get back to you.
  2. Are the tortillas Vegan? Yes, they sure are!  Traditionally lard is used in Mexican dishes, but we want to use a healthy fat in our Lita's Tortillas, so we are using organic coconut oil.
  3. Where can I find a tortillera to keep my tortillas warm?  Fresh is Best on Broadway sells them.  We have not seen them anywhere else yet, but we will keep our eyes open for you. As an alternative, you can use a clean T-towel to wrap up your tortillas.  This should keep them warm enough for leaving at the table to be taken out as needed throughout your meal.
  4. What is the difference between a tortilla, taco, burrito, and quesadilla? 
    1. Tortilla - this just the round flour tortilla with no filling inside. It's on it's own.
    2. Taco - this is what you call a tortilla with fillings inside. For example, a tortilla with chicken inside is called a chicken taco.
    3. Burrito - this is the same as a taco but larger, and more like a wrap. This is more of an American version of a taco.
    4. Quesadilla - this is a tortilla with only melted cheese inside. Traditionally, a mozzarella type cheese is used.
  5. What do I put in my tortilla?  You can put just about anything inside  your tortilla to make a delicious taco.  Some examples are: guacamole/avocado, scrambled eggs, chicken, BBQ fish, grilled vegetables, pulled pork, ground beef, cheese/quesadilla, refried beans, rice and beans, and so much more - don't forget to add our fresh or cooked salsa to make it complete!
  6. Why are the tortillas not perfectly round?  We make them in small, hand made batches. This results in slight imperfections, however it does not in any way affect the delicious taste.
  7. What are the small black spots on the tortillas?  This is either part of the germ in the wheat or some flour residue off the tortilla press.  All harmless.
  8. Are your tortillas used at any restaurants in and around Vancouver?  Not yet, but that is a goal.  We feel that Lita's Tortillas are really the best authentic flour tortillas and would do well in some Mexican inspired restaurants.  If you are a restaurant owner and you are interested in our wholesale pricing, please contact us and we will send you our wholesale package.
  9. Do you sell the tortillas in grocery stores?  Yes, please go to our Find Us page for retail store location.  You can also stay updated on new retail locations by following us on Twitter or Facebook.   If you are a retail store and are interested in selling our tortillas, please contact us and we will send you all of the details.
  10. Why are the tortillas so small? Don't you make a burrito size?  No, right now we only making the traditional taco size tortilla.  
  11. Why are the tortillas not already cooked?  This style of tortilla is unique to the Northern part of Mexico and the most delicious way for you to enjoy a taco.
  12. Do you have a gluten-free tortilla?  At this time, no we do not. We are working on a recipe, but it takes time to make a really good gluten-free tortilla.  Right now, there are plenty of corn tortillas in grocery stores, which are gluten-free, but we hope that we can make a gluten-free flour version to offer as well.
  13. Are all of your products vegan?  Yes 100%
  14. Do you support local farmers?  Yes, we source our produce from local farmers when the season allows.  We buy organic and no spray produce and beans.

Got another questions?  Send us an email and we will happily get back to you!