Made in Canada. Tastes like Mexico.

Terms & Conditions


All pre-sales of tortillas can only be made from this website via Paypal.  Each package is pre-sold for $2.00.  The remaining owed for each package must be paid at time of pick up.  Tortilla packages can only be picked up at the designated Farmers Market.  We cannot offer any other pick up location or delivery at this time; we hope in the future to offer this.  Please keep a record of your payment to show at the Farmers Market at the time of pick up.  All payments are in Canadian dollars.

Each package is $7.00 in total, or you can buy 2 packages for $12.00.  If you pre-purchase 1 package, you will prepay $2.00; if you pre-purchase 2 packages, you will prepay $4.00, and so on.


Lita’s Mexican Foods, the owners and founders, and www.litasmexicanfoods.com do not keep any record of your credit details.  Any pre-sale purchases are made only through Paypal.

Refund Policy

All pre-sales are final.  Tortillas must be picked up at the designated Farmers Market on the next Market Day.  Please go to the Where To Buy page for details on the Farmers Market you can find us at next.  If you cannot make it to this market to complete your tortilla sale and pick up your tortillas, we are unable to refund the pre-sale amount paid.   Please send us an email if you think you will not be able to make it, and we can hopefully work something out for the next market date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: jackie@litasmexicanfoods.com


Enjoy your Authentic Mexican Flour Tortillas!!